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SaLuSa de Sirius 23-12- 2011


Saturday, September 15, 2012

English - Commander Aldanon - 14:09:2012

Message from Commander Aldanon

Dear brothers on Earth, we are honored to communicate with you once again. My name is Aldanon.

Beloved ones, the Galactic Federation of Light communicates to the ones reading our messages that we are on alert. We have detected in your world a worsening of the situation related to the balance of your Mother Earth.

The instability of the tectonic plates is now much larger than expected for this period. Due to this imbalance we can say that a larger amount of earthquakes and tremors will be felt in the coming days compared to the same period in previous years. We are all on alert in our craft and control centers. We are constantly monitoring all data related to the balance of the Earth's crust.

In a period not exceeding 45 days, we will start our project for building barriers. Besides, we also need to move hundreds of residents of some areas of your planet and relocate them in safer places.

At certain regions of the planet some modifications or emergency measures cannot be made in order to stop the advance of waters that will invade the lands due to a tsunami. For this reason, many people will be displaced and relocated to safer places.

 Our teams and their spaceships are already prepared and have informed President Obama of this event, so our existence will no longer be denied because we will be seen to move people and protect some areas as we begin to build the barriers. During these days we will be exposed to the world, to the cameras and the mainstream media will not deny the earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as our presence in building dikes and removing people.

President Obama will be forced to bring to public all information about our existence. Some information he does not know because the cabal keeps many secrets hidden even from the presidents. After all, we know that within governments there are a few factions that are dealing with secret issues that never come to the surface.

With this message we do not want to alarm the ones that follow us. But please understand that sometimes hard news must be given and our mission is not to make everything look colorful and flowery. We are realistic and when reality needs to be faced we fulfill our job even if it is unpleasant.

Our code of ethics is based on the assumptions we have from Jesus that taught we should do unto others as we would like them to do unto us. If we were in the same situation we would like to be warned in advance about certain events, so that we could be prepared, psychologically and spiritually.

By now, the best is to remain calm and accept events without revolt against the Creator, asking for divine guidance, insight, calm and peace. Meditating and striving to stay in the Light, so that this period be overcome in a softer manner. This is the best method.

Here we are fulfilling our role, advising, guiding, helping everyone to stay in the Light, to understand these moments. We are here in love, and this love will continue in our task alongside all of you.

The events  above mentioned will happen in places like the Virgin Islands, hitting  with Tsunamis some areas of the coast of the United States; at the South - Southwest, hitting South America, specially some areas of the North/Northeast Brazilian coast. Areas such as Venezuela and Guyana will also be hit by tsunamis.

We know that this news will cause you a lot of feelings that are not pleasant, but we ask you to understand that we need warning you. We do not let you be caught by surprise. We will always be at your side, supporting and sheltering in all we can. Be at peace, dear brothers on Earth. May the Almighty cover all of us with Light and Peace.

Commander Aldanon

Channeler: Orion
Webpage: SaLuSa de Sirius

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