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SaLuSa de Sirius 23-12- 2011


Saturday, June 2, 2012

ENGLISH - Message for two Lightworkers - SaLuSa 01/06/2012

 Message for Two Lightworkers of our Group.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I can assure you that your eyes on Earth are mine, as now you can see through the eyes of Love and understand that everything around you is the most beautiful creation of the Supreme Creator.

 SaLuSa   01/06/2012

With each elapsing day, we are renewing hope and a wave of Love comes with it and it fills you completely.

Dear D. and all of you, beloved Lightworkers, we know that you are experiencing some turbulent times deep inside your hearts, and questions about our real existence have been raised, even by some of you, and though it is not brought to the light of truth, we can see them within some hearts …

We hope also to overcome this stage that is part of your evolution as we claim to be the last attempts of the dark ones to keep you under their control.  

D., please convey your certainty/security to all Lightworkers and embrace them with your love. Tell them I am very grateful for/about their work. We know that many of you have been expecting changes for a long time, and to the ones that have been working for the Light since long ago, it is quite normal they feel tired when arriving at the end of their journey. Actually, it has been a hard journey and now you will reap the sweet fruits of their labor. 

D., we are aware of your psychic and physical inner pain, but that is it, it is why you have come to give testimony that the Light can be raised even under pressure of physical and psychological pain.

Keep your Faith and Hope, as all our promises will be fulfilled and at the end of this year, all will be cleared by the Law of Grace that will embrace you.

Please do not be discouraged and trust your heart, it is the Source of all truth. Sometimes we worry when we see the dark attacks against you, but at the same time we trust that you are able to raise yourselves like a Phoenix …

I have read the message you left for Gabriel, where you also requested our presence. Know that we are always at your disposal and if we have not yet done it before it is due to the fact that we follow orders from the Higher Hierarchy and we respect them a lot.

There will come a day when we will no longer need to communicate with you through these beautiful channels of Light, that have been prepared to be the voices of the spiritual world. Trust that all is well and that you have not been abandoned.

Will you do me a favor? Give a hug to my dear P. and tell her that the pain will end and when it occurs, she will be amazed and speechless when realizing that everything have been great gifts of God for her journey, and each internal or external injury has served her growth and also as an example for the other souls that surrounds her. Please, give my hug to her.

Dear Gabriel, I am very grateful and once again I am sorry but I could not speak during the afternoon when you called me in thought. On that occasion we were performing some activities you did not know yet, but it will be told to you. My sincere apologies …

I want you to know that I love all of you. Know that my love for you extends to infinity and I want to give it to you with all my heart.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I can assure you that your eyes on Earth are mine, as now you can see through the eyes of Love and understand that everything around you is the most beautiful creation of the Supreme Creator.

Be at peace, stay in the Light.

Channeller: Gabriel
Website:  Sementes das Estrelas

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