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SaLuSa de Sirius 23-12- 2011


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

English - SaLuSa’s message to our Family of Lightworkers Group -- 18:03:2012

           SaLuSa’s message to our Family of Lightworkers Group 

My dear beloved Group of Love, who has been turning this work into an ocean of hope, full of Light and Love. We can see indeed every difficulty you face, every groan of pain, every tear of disappointment or insecurity, and we only ask you to stay calm when it comes to all of this… We trust in God and put everything in His hands, in is His loving hands. We are always united, do not be let down…

The Galactic Federation is working hard just like you, and it gives us more encouragement each time we see your difficulties, because we know it is through them that redemption will come. In some cases, the resignations of some parts of the Cabal give us even more strength to move forward… Because we know the work cannot be interrupted… The pressure on them cannot be lessened. Do not be let down…

You should know that the Light and the dark Ones are fighting a very powerful battle, and they know very well that we will be victorious. We are close to succeeding, and we ask you to remain steady and with your heads up high. Do not be let down…

The dark Ones have been plotting for a long time to deviate your focus, to change the way you act, bombarding you with uncertainties and fear. Although you have all of these messages in your hands, although you have our support, although you have all the Light at your disposal, the dark Ones are still bold and will not give up easily. Do not be let down…

Be a little more patient, we would never abandon any of you who as we know are essential pieces in this enormous jigsaw. I, SaLuSa, see a light at the end of the tunnel for you, and this light is expanding more and more, involving you in the most beautiful and loving energy. You will be helped, according to what is being asked of us, as you always have been. Do not be let down…

We warn you also that the dark Ones are still planning to destabilize you entirely, and sometimes they think they are about to succeed, but just like a phoenix you are reborn from the ashes. Keep safe, keep on loving, for as you know Love can change and push away any attempts coming from such evil attacks. Do not be let down…

Very soon, you will be seeing a lot more of our ships, just as you expected… We continue to tackle situations regarding an imminent war in the Middle East, where we promised you war would not be allowed to happen, and so it will be, there will be no war, for we are working towards solving the situation. Nevertheless, we do not forget about any of you, who have been lovingly spreading the Light throughout this Earth, honoring what you have promised to do in the Higher Realms. Do not be let down…

To our dear friends who had to step aside, we know there are things that are beyond our possibilities, as we abide by and respect the Higher Laws, and so some matters involve “clearing karma”, if you would like to put it this way. Do not be let down…

We have stopped many other attempted attacks directed at you, with which we interfered as soon as we were authorized to do so, because we knew certain attacks would bring you down completely, not because you are not strong enough to fight, but because we know about the difficulties faced by those who live in duality… Many of us have never gone down to such a low dimension, but we know very well how things work down there… The dark Ones are cunning, and stop at nothing to get what they want/plan. Do not be let down…

Beloved group, beloved Lightworkers, I send my loving energy to all of you, asking of you some more calm and serenity, trust that God is watching over your difficulties and so are we, and we would never hesitate to help you, as we know how important your work is, as well as the Greatness of who you are. Do not be let down…

To my dear Steve, I offer you my brotherly embrace, and wish you much peace. Be strong, dear friend, for we are together, as you would like to put it, ‘on the same boat’, and this boat will never sink because God is steering it and all of you are protected without a doubt. Do not be let down…

It won’t be long before the dark Ones are permanently put aside, and thus you will be able to work in a much quieter way, in which channeled messages as the ones you are used to receiving will change their focus… We will interact in a more direct fashion, as we have already stated… Do not be let down…

You governments have been openly succumbing to the idea of disclosure, but you know it will happen soon, and then everything will be easier.

We share with you our love and understanding with regards to your difficulties. My Dear Ones, it is always an honor to help you whenever possible, you know you are dear to us, and as I have told you once, ‘Go down, and I’ll be there with you, helping you’, and that won’t ever fail. I love you enormously, and I ask that you stay calm because the harmony of the group depends on all  of you, for each of you  are the pillars that supports the other ones. Bring your serenity with you wherever you go, continuously. Do not hesitate with your intuition, because we are inspiring you. Sometimes what seems to be a mere thought might without a doubt, if put into practice, tie a ‘knot’ in the dark Ones, leaving them stunned. Do not be let down…

However, I ask you all to keep your faith and continue to pray. Soon we will be sending some more important information to Laura, and when that happens you’ll know what it is about… Do not be let down…

May my love fill you with strength, may the Galactic Federation always guide you whenever necessary. It is the next to last time we ask you: do not be let down…

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I am honored by your loving request for help, when in fact it is we who need your help regarding the matters of Mother Earth, as you know more than we do how things work down there…By having acquired thousands of experiences during your many lifetimes. You are masters of Duality. Do not be let down…

Be at peace, and wait for news coming from Laura… my little one.

Channeller: Gabriel Raio Lunar

Translated in English by courtesy  of
Gabriel Camattari

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